We could use your help

We have a number of volunteer opportunities available. Take a look and see if anything suites your fancy. 

We bring together Madison’s brightest creative thinkers.

We are where talent meets inspiration.
— a famous actor said, it but it was written by a famous writer

Volunteer Opportunities


Writer — Marketing Committee

Here is a description of a job at your company. Sed nulla auctor, nec placerat felis sodales. Etiam et turpis mattis, efficitur mi ut, ultrices diam. Donec consectetur, odio eget porta varius, orci mauris viverra ante, eget egestas turpis sapien vel orci.

If that description didn't make sense to you, it's probably not a stretch for you to appreciate the value that outstanding writing can have upon society writ large. And if that's the case, we need more people like you.

Could probably write better qualifications then the following
Tristique senectus et malesuada
Fames ac turpis egestas
Nullam tempor dolor sed nulla
Auctor nec placerat felis
Sodales. Etiam et turpis mattis
Efficitur mi ut, ultrices diam

Illustrator — Marketing Committee

Do you like to draw? How about Illustrate? How about the graphic design? Do you use Illustrator but you've been thinking about switching to Sketch, but you're like "really? a diamond as an app icon? Really?" and now you're wondering if the tool makes the artist or the artist makes the tool?

Forget all that. You had us at sold at the fact that you're continuing to read this description. The fact is we need help executing quality messaging and if you could do us a solid, we'd love to hear from you, regardless of what app you use.

You should be highly opinionated about stroke cap styles
You can teach us how to pronounce Bézier, is it "bee-zu-re" or "bez-u-re" or "bee-keeper"? 
When someone says "different strokes" your mind doesn't immediately jump to that awesome sitcom in the 80's "Different Strokes." You also do not immediately hear a little voice in your head saying "Whatchu talkin' about Willis?"


Photographer - Marketing Committee

What are you thinking for this shot? The nifty-fifty,  ƒ/1.4, 1/100 shutter, with an IOS of 400? Don't be afraid to bump those IOSs up, especially if you're on a full-frame sensor. We should be good.

You know the difference between the exposure triangle and the Bermuda triangle. Hint, one has to do with what you'll be doing and the other has something to do with why grandma has to get a connecting flight out of Huston for her trip to Columbia.

You are highly opinionated about Nikon vs Canon, but you are equally secretive about your opinion as not to annoy the rest of us.

You own at least one old Pentax film camera (model doesn't matter), that you have on a shelf in your house and reference to when you have friends over, giving them the impression that you actually use it, but you don't, I mean you could, if you really wanted to, but it's film, and it's kind of a pain in the ass when you really think about it, and, let's be honest, digital grain is getting better and may end up being a better way to intentionally make a photo look terrible after all.

Besides does anyone even develop film anymore?

Videographer - Marketing Committee

See description for Photographer. Pretty much that, except you know you already know you're going to be at 24fps, unless your going for the cinematic 30fps look - either way, you're doubling your frame rate to set the shutter speed, so it kind of takes all the fun our of it for you. But, let's be honest, at least you're not shooting on film any more. Right? 

You've watched at least one Casey Neistat video and were equally reassured and  confused at his popularity.

Again with the Nikon vs Canon, but this time Sony v Canon.