Member Benefits

Being a member of Design Madison has its perks.

Save Some $$

Because you get into all of the speaker events, for free, your membership pays for itself in just two events. That's crazy right? It's true though, we did the math and we even had our math-smart friends double check our work.


Members Only Events

Do you like to go places no one else can go? Get into the hottest parties and ushered past the rope-line all the way to the back of the club through a series of increasingly more exclusive rooms? And then, finally brought into the smallest of rooms where there's room for just you, Uma Thurman? Probably not. That's something you'd see in a movie. But take that described feeling of coolness, and that's pretty much how you're going to feel when you walk into a Design Madison Members-Only Event.


Bring a Friend

Remember in Legends of Zelda, when the innkeeper said to Link, "Where's your friend?" Well if that innkeeper's keep was a Design Madison event, you could rest assured that you'd have a proper answer for said innkeeper. But for serious. This member benefit allows you to bring a friend, of your choosing, to any Design Madison event. Unless otherwise specified, if you get in free, so does your guest.

You can bring anyone you want. They do not have to be a designer. They do not have to wear a black turtle-neck sweater and spout off about the misfortunes of always having to track out Hind Vadodara Bold when it's used in smaller sizes. We know already. Get creative and bring anyone you want.

Hey, look, a button! I wonder what happens when you press it?
— Curious George