We could use your help

We have a number of volunteer opportunities available. And they're not the "do you have a truck, because I have to move my couch out of my apartment this weekend" kind of opportunities.

We bring together Madison’s brightest creative thinkers.

We are where talent meets inspiration.
— overheard frequently

Open Board Positions

Board Position — Marketing Chair

The Marketing chair serves serves as the strategist for all of the marketing efforts of the organization. You'll develop marketing plans, assist and coordinate with the social committee. 

- You can speak and write a commonly understood
human language (preferably English)
- You have an eye (preferably two) for design
- People tend to listen to you when you talk
- You know what a good (insert anycreative content
example here) looks like
- You like nice sweaters and understand their significance
in the success of the global economy

Board Position — Social Media Chair

The Social Media chair is responsible for managing the Design Madison social media accounts. You'll be responsible for coordinating with the Marketing Chair on developing a social media strategy, which you will execute.

- The ability to click a "like" button and a "Favorite" button
- You can properly hashtag
- You can both encode and decode acronyms like IRL, LOL, FML, and TMI
- You probably have a thing or two to say about Nutella